OpenWrt 18.06.1
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Po niespełna trzech tygodniach dostaliśmy do ręki następne wydanie OpenWrt oznaczone numerem 18.06.1. Zmiany dotyczą głównie poprawek bezpieczeństwa niektórych elementów systemu.

Obrazy można pobierać z oficjalnej witryny OpenWrt.

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Informacja o wydaniu (EN):
The OpenWrt Community is proud to announce the first service release of stable OpenWrt 18.06 series, which marks the first major version after the remerger of the LEDE and OpenWrt projects.

OpenWrt 18.06.1 incorporates a number of mostly security oriented fixes backported from the development branch during the last two weeks.


Some selected highlights of the service release are:

* Linux kernel updated to versions 4.9.120/4.14.63 (from 4.9.111/4.14.52 in v18.06.0)
* Security fixes for Curl, Mbedtls, OpenSSL and the Linux kernel
* Binary builds for the at91 and ath25 targets
* Updated mwlwifi driver
* Improved input validation for rpcd uci ubus calls
* Crash fixes in libuci
* Assorted bug fixes in netifd

For a detailed list of changes since 18.06.0 refer to


For latest information about the 18.06 series, refer to the wiki at:

To download the v18.06.1 images, navigate to:

Have fun!

The OpenWrt Community

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